Airmont Animal Hospital

200-H Route 59
Suffern, NY 10901


Sissy & Joe at 3 months

Lawrence Ness was born in Brooklyn, New York. From very early on his love of animals was evident by the many pets he had while growing up. He attended Brooklyn College, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and received his Veterinary Degree in 1984. Dr. Ness is licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in New York and Connecticut.

Dr. Ness opened Airmont Animal Hospital in 1989, to provide compassionate and loving animal care for all pets. Dr. Ness was on the board of the Hudson Valley Humane Society and is currently on the board of the National Foundation for Animal Rescue. He is also a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Westchester/Rockland Veterinary Medical Association and Veterinary Information Network.

Sissy & Joe at 15 months


Since its inception seven years ago, Dr. Ness has attended the Ramapo Dog Swim, providing healthy advice as well as medical attention to all its participants. Dr. Ness has also provided many Boy and Girl Scout troops in Suffern with the knowledge necessary to earn their Animal Care badges.

Dr. Ness has lived in Suffern since 1995 with his wife Cindy, and three daughters, Chelsea, Taylor and Morgan. They are also the parents of Sawyer,a lively black lab, and Reese, an adorable chocolate lab.


 ** A note about the cats: Sissy & Joe are littermates, trapped with their feral Mom and raised in a house with other rescued cats. From their first visit in '09 (at 3.1 and 3.6 lbs), to their annual checkup in '10 (10.8 and 11 lbs), and '11 (12.5 and 14.1 lbs), and '12 (where they decline to admit their weight), they have calmly allowed Dr. Ness to give them their checkups. They plan to keep coming back every year for a long, long time.